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65 years of Olympic Champion Vladimir Akimov

July 20 Olympic Champion (1980) Vladimir Akimov would have turned 65 years old, but he did not live up to this date — left very young — tragically died at 34 years.

Today we remember him as a Great athlete, a reliable friend and a man with an inexhaustible sense of humor.

We remember the legendary athlete and admire his performance on the surviving video recordings of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

Let’s watch the video, the memory of the Champion… in the video you can see how phenomenally works in the defense of Vladimir Akimov at the 1980 Olympics, tearing the attack after the attack of the world’s strongest strikers, and holds the best players at the gate of the USSR team, as well as two beautiful goals by Vladimir Akimov.

Few people know that last year, in 2017, Vladimir Akimov was nominated by the Russian Federation for the introduction To the water sports hall of Fame in the United States, but the Western expert Council did not vote for his candidacy as well as for other outstanding Soviet / Russian athletes…

It does not matter, because all the existing sports titles and awards Vladimir Akimov received during his lifetime, having written his name forever in the history of domestic and world sports.

In memory of the Great Athlete and Champion!