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My parents have got acquainted in 1974. Here what is told by my mother, Svetlana about their acquaintance.
Svetlana about their first meeting.

I had a training in the pool on the Ibragimov street, and at the same time there was Volodya on sport collecting. On April 30, 1974 we have got acquainted with him, and on May 1st I had competitions. On May 2nd Volodya has invited me to cafe. We have gone to cafe “Shokoladnitsa” near the metro station Oktyabrskaya. Volodya looked at me and suddenly said: “You will be my wife!” I stood petrified with astonishment, and I thought that he is a very self-assured guy. For the first, I studied at school, finished the tenth class, and, secondly, I see Volodya for the second time in my life!

But everything happened as he said… We got married two years later — on March 20, 1976. We were very young – I am 18, and Volodya is 22 years old. A little over a year and on July 15, 1977 we gave birth to the beautiful son – Roman Akimov. Desired and beloved child!


In 1978 when I was only one year old, and my the father was abroad, according to the training schedule of water polo Championship.

He decided to congratulate me and sent my mom a postcard. In his letter he has written many warm and kind words, having addressed to “Akimov Roman Vladimirovich”.

I have incidentally found this postcard in home archive, several years later after father’s death…

On the photo: Vladimir Akimov’s postcard on my Birthday and the photo of 1978, where mother, father and me are in Kislovodsk ( we have arrived to father’s collecting at his request), mom and dad in Sevastopol on charges CSC Navy military team.

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